Teacher Profile

RaeAnne Piccirilli
Special Educator

Hello! Welcome to my teacher website! 

This is my 7th year teaching and learning here at Leataata Floyd! 

Here at Leataata Floyd, all students with an IEP receive most of their special education services within the the general education classroom. We call this “Inclusion” or “Inclusive practices”. 

Inclusive practice is an approach to teaching that recognizes the diversity of students. Through intentional planning, we enable all students to access course content, fully participate in learning activities, and demonstrate their knowledge and strengths in the least restrictive environment; the general education classroom. 

My job is to make sure all our students get the accommodations and/or modifications they need in order to access the curriculum. Most of my time is spent co-teaching, although some of my time is spent running small intervention groups, modifying material, and preparing for and running IEP meetings. 

I am here everyday at least an hour before and after school. Feel free to come by room 10 any time! Or you can email me: raeanne-barrett@scusd.edu

(916) 395-4630