Teacher Profile

Jason Knighton
Academic Coach - Conditions For Learning

Jason Knighton, founder of Conditions For Learning, has been working in classrooms for over 20 years. After graduating from California State University Sacramento (CSUS), with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology in 1992, he obtained his teaching credential from the Multicultural/Multilingual Teacher Preparation Center within CSUS, Sacramento in 1993.

Jason spent the next eleven years teaching in Richmond, San Rafael, and Sacramento, California. Throughout these years, Jason was exposed to and sought professional development that supported his drive to create learning environments that are inclusive, engaging, and academically challenging for students. Tribes, Kids and Creeks, Marilyn Burns, the California Literacy Project, the Literacy Achievement Project, Project Based Learning, and Optimal Learning Environments are still influential in his pedagogical philosophy for teaching and learning.

In 2007, Jason fully committed himself to establishing Conditions For Learning. Jason believes that with effective conditions, schools can increase student achievement, decrease suspensions and referrals, and improve teacher retention rates. Jason’s educational model is punctuated by his enthusiasm and belief that educators must have high academic and behavioral expectations of students, and create environments in which students are held accountable to those expectations every moment of every day.

For ten years Jason has had the pleasure of working with a variety of schools and programs in Sacramento, Woodland, Napa, and Stockton. Rational Discipline, Structuring Interaction, Formative Assessment, Units Of Study, and Project Based Learning are the most popular of his trainings. Sharing the Conditions For Learning framework, providing in-class support, coaching, and developing partnerships are integral pieces in helping educators create engaging, responsive, inspiring classrooms for all students.

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