Teacher Profile

Cynthia Norris
Speech and Language

Hi, my name is Cynthia Norris and this is my fourth year as part of the LFE team.  I provide speech and language services to students with speech and language impairments.  Speech and language therapy at LFE includes assisting students with speech articulation (producing sounds in words and conversation), social skills, receptive language (the ability to comprehend spoken information), and expressive language (the ability to express ideas clearly and appropriately).  I enjoy working with students both in their classrooms and my classroom.   

I am happy to meet with you before or after school to answer any questions or discuss your child’s progress. You can also reach me via email at cynthia-trujillo-npa@scusd.edu 

I’m looking forward to another great year serving our amazing students!

(916) 395-4630 ext 224104