Week 4 Updates

Hello LFE Families –

As we are getting settled into the school year, here are a few things we would like you to be aware of:

  • Back to School Meetings – Teachers will be reaching out soon with dates/times and Zoom Links for Back to School Night. It is really important you attend to hear from the teacher about the plans for the school year.
  • Assessments – Teachers are in the process of assessing students. This will give us a baseline for where your child is at and allow us to provide needed interventions and monitor growth. Please discuss with your child the importance of doing their best so we get accurate data.
  • Breakfast – All meals are provided for all students each day. Breakfast is served from 8:30am-8:45am. If your child is NOT eating breakfast at school, please do not send them until 8:45am. Our cafeteria space is limited due to Covid and we do not have supervision until 8:45am.
  • Healthy Snacks – We only allow healthy snacks on campus. Please save chips, cookies, candy, sodas and such for home. No sharing of food at school. Links: District Wellness Policy, Approved Healthy Snack List ***Please help by making sure your child is not bringing chips, sodas, candy or other unhealthy food to school.
  • Mask Reminder – Please discuss proper mask use with your child; the mask must always be over the nose and fit tightly around the face. Parents will be notified if students cannot keep their mask on at all times.
  • Lost and Found – We have a lost and found in our cafeteria. Please have your student check for lost items there. We highly recommend labeling your child’s belongings.
  • Textbooks – If you have any school textbooks at home, please return them to school ASAP.
  • You can order LFE Spirit Swag @ 1st Place Spirit! Fridays are School Spirit Days!!!


Please call our office at 916-395-4630 or visit our school’s website @ if you need further information or have any questions.

Thanks so much for partnering with us!