Kindergarten/New Student Enrollment
Don't delay, get your CHILD/REN enrolled TODAY!

We are excited to meet you and your children. In order to be more likely to secure a spot at Leataata Floyd Elementary, please enroll your child/ren as soon as possible. When classes fill, those last enrolled are typically bussed to a different site. So, don’t wait…enroll today.

Download the:

You have two options for enrollment:

  • Enroll at Leataata Floyd Elementary School’s Office:
    • The office will be open Mon-Fri, 8:00-4:00
  • Enroll at SCUSD’s Enrollment Center
    • For more information, please visit the Enrollment Center’s Website

You will need the following to complete enrollment:

Please be advised that for the safety and security of all children only biological parents/legal guardians/educational rights holder may enroll a child into our district. The person enrolling any child will be required to present the following documentation:

  • Photo identification
  • Bring ONE of the following: CURRENT mortgage/property tax bill, rental/lease agreement, CURRENT utility bill (SMUD, PG&E, or WATER) with correct name and address* (must be current within 30 days)
    • *If residing with another person (relative, etc.), please complete a Declaration of Residence form and bring a photo ID of the person identified in the utility bill and mortgage/rental lease.*
  • Immunization record 
  • Proof of birth – original COUNTY ISSUED birth certificate or passport 
  • Individual Education Plan (IEP) if your child is receiving special education services
  • CURRENT withdrawal grades and transcripts (Grades 9-12) 
  • Guardianship/Custody papers (if applicable)